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Magnectic field and electrical interaction

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    simple question from a beginner to physics, in wikipedia it states that a magnetic field can be detected by its affects on a moving electrical charge, but does "not" go onto say how an electrical charge is affected by magnetic fields, is the current weakened/distorted or am i swinging in the dark here, my question is could someone give a detailed explanation as to the relationship between electrical current and magnetic fields, or could someone provide a link to some reading material on this subject.

    "Quote From Wikipedia" and is detected by the force it exerts on other magnetic materials and moving electric charges
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    thanks very much, alot of that article is far above my current knowledge on the subject but its very interesting reading, the equations are very complex to my eyes but it did answer my question :)
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    A picture is worth 1000 words and 100 formulas. See the thumbnail of a ~300 volt electron beam in a vacuum tube inside a Helmholz coil. The deflection force is perpendicular to BOTH the beam velocity AND the direction of the magnetic field. Residual gas in the vacuum tube is excited by the beam as it passes.

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    interesting Bob, and true the image does help explain visually what im trying to read in the above site, thanks very much
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