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Magnet moving in a long long solenoid

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    I have heard that when a magnet is moving completely inside a solenoid, there will be no induced emf. Is that true ? Personally, I think even the magnet is moving inside a solenoid with speed v, there will still be induced emf.

    Assume a magnet is moving inside a solenoid from left to right. Right side is north pole and left is south. When it's moving in the solenoid, there will be current induced in the right side to oppose the north pole of the magnet. As for the left side, an opposite-direction current will be induced to attract the south pole. In this case, since the no. of turns of coil is different between the right side and left side from the magnet (assume the magnet is not in the middle), the will be net emf induced. Am I right ? Thx~
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    Faradays law of electromagnetic induction states that WHENEVER a conductor experiences a changing magnetic flux linkage an emf will be induced....so yes....you are on the right track.
    It is always wise in this area of physics to start, and concentrate on induced EMF....you may not get an induced current !!!!
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