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Magnet Through Coil Clarification

  1. Oct 20, 2013 #1
    Hey guys. I'm building a mini electric generator and I would like some clarification on Faraday's Law.

    So his law states that:

    Where voltage generated equals the number of turns times the negative rate of magnetic flux.

    So my question regards the number of turns part. So my hypothetical situations involve one with a single ring and another with four rings of 1/4 the diameter of the one ring. If I wrapped copper coil around the one ring 200 times would the voltage generated be greater than if I wrapped the copper wire around the four rings 200 times? Wrapping the wire around the four rings would be in a figure eight kind of motion.

    Thanks for your input! Sorry I didn't have a picture, I couldn't find one or couldn't figure out a good way to illustrate it.
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    How does the total area of the four rings compare to the area of the single ring?
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