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Magnetic field induced by current in a conductor question

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    I am trying to understand Lenz law as it applies to an A.C. generator, Lenz law says " an induced current is always in such a direction as to oppose the motion or change causing it". Does this mean that if the north pole of a magnet passes a conductor in a stator, that the current induced in the the conductor will cause that section of the stator perpendicular to the north pole of the magnet to become a south pole magnet? and is this magnetic attraction what causes drag?
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    When the magnet is approaching the induced current will produce a repulsive field, and when it is moving away then the field will be attractive. So approaching will produce the same kind of pole and moving away the opposite pole.
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    Consequent electromagnetic torque is proportional with sin(ø),which ø is space difference angle between rotating field of stator and rotating field of rotor, therefore induced field pole cannot be same (ø=0) or opposite (ø=180˚) pole of field that originate induced currents.

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