Magnetic field strength against current

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Hi after doing a experiment at school, I have come up with a graph of magnetic field strength against current. I was wondering if anyone knew what the gradent of this line or area under the line represented?

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googling now to try and find out!

Please Help!
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Fingers crossed

Im going to bed now:zzz: , but will have a look in the morning, hopefully to some help:biggrin: !

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It's hard to say, because you haven't described the experimental setup. The graph would be different for the field outside a wire and the field in a coil, for instance.
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The set up used was a compass on a support frame with 5 turns of wire around it. We used the tan (theta) to represent the magnetic field strength of the wire as it is directly proportional. The magnetic field strength of the Earth was an unknown constant.
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