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Magnetic Fields and Rotational Diffusion

  1. Jun 12, 2014 #1
    Hello, I am having to find the rotational diffusion of a magnetic particle inside of water. I already have a diffusion coefficient but I do not know how to take into account the restoring force that the particle will feel from the magnetic field.

    The info that I know is:
    B-Field Strength
    m-magnetic moment
    D-rotational diffusion coeffiecent

    I have been using the online program Hydra++ to get the rotational diffusion coeffiencent.

    Does anyone know how to take into account the restoring force of the magnetic field? Thank you.
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    Jano L.

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    The particle will experience torque (moment of force)

    \boldsymbol{\tau} = \mathbf m  \times \mathbf B
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