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Magnetic forces and many poles

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    i had this idea of a magnet, if u bend the magnet, so that it has 2 edges on the north pole and 2 edges on the south pole, just like half a tunnel, i dont know the name of the shape, but suppose it has 2 edges on the north pole, wont the 2 edges repel each other because they are positive, what forces act against the repelsion force, can we use that force to do work or energy.

    btw when i meant 2 edges its just like a U Magnet but in a shape of cylinder-half a tunnel-
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    No. It takes x amount of energy to push the magnets together and you get x when the fly apart. Actually, you get less than x because of friction. Sorry, conservation of energy.
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    i didnt quiet get you!m its just one magnet
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    I don't understand the shape you are describing, but in any case, you can't get more work out than the work you put in to bend the magnet into that shape.
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    oh, yeh i think i get the idea, anyways i'll try to get the name of the shape or picture it for u, thanks anyways
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