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Magnetic Moment CGS/SI

  1. Jul 16, 2009 #1
    Our company had products certified by an ISO testing body for EU standards. One of the requirements is that a component have a minimum magnetic moment, expressed in A·M².
    The agency published the reports in CGS units and approved the products. A second body from another country (5 years later) has notified us that their test, converted to A·M², shows we fail the test by a factor of 10.
    I used a deflection magnetometer to obtain the following numbers that I feel shows we pass, can someone give me their solution (in A·M²) to see if I am correct?

    H=19.7 microteselas
    Unit 1: Gauss A method - angle of deflection , 30° at a distance of 105mm.
    Gauss B method - angle of deflection , 15° at 108mm

    Unit 2: Gauss A - 30° at 327mm
    Gauss B - 30° at 262mm

    Thank you
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