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Magnetics of transformers and induction in metals

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    If you have the primary and secondary coils of a transformer next to each other, then current will induce a voltage in the secondary coil, creating current flow. This question applies to motors as well. If I place a sheet of steel between the two coils, will I still induce a voltage? For example, say I have a steel pipe and inside the pipe I place a secondary coil of wire. Outside the pipe I place a primary coil. Can I induce a voltage in the secondary coil through the steel pipe?
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    The answer is yes, with a lot of qualification. How much induced voltage you get will greatly depend on specific geometry of the steel, the type of steel, the coil geometries, frequency, etc.

    And, it's the changing B field that induces the voltage in the secondary, not the current.
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    Thanks. I guess I worded the question incorrectly. I meant the current in the primary coil. Thanks again!
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    Do you have a specific problem in mind?
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