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Magnets repell water? Help

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    Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Hello everyone,

    I am conducting an experiment. I am trying to figure out how to repell water mist from a steel plate. For example, if I take a water misting bottle and spray a steel plate with it, I want the steel plate to repell the water mist.

    I have heard it said that somehow magnets can repell water and I've read a little about diamagnetism, but it doesn't seem powerful enough to do this.

    Any suggestions? What if I did something to the water such as polarizing it, etc??

    Any help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Why don't you share some more details about your setup. There may be all sorts of ways of doing this. For example: a layer of moving air might divert your mist.
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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Thanks for the reply Dave.

    I am hoping to fasten a steel plate to a wall, spray the steel plate with water mist, and have the steel plate repel the water so no water comes in contact with the steel plate (without any help from blowing air).

    Maybe this isn't even possible, I don't know. I had heard about the principles of diamagnetism and Magnetohydrodynamic drive and thought something like this could be used to repel water from metal. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Are you trying to make it so the steel wont rust? I suggest buying stainless steel and the problem is solved.
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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Hi there,

    No, I don't care if the steel rusts - I'm just trying to see if it can be done...

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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    You could possibly do this electrostatically.
    Car paint sprayers charge the paint with the opposite charge to the car body so that any point in the air is attracted to the metal (less paint is wasted), it's possible you might be able to charge the water sprayer nozzle and the plate to the same potential?
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    Re: Magnets repell water??? Help!!

    Heat the plate to 500 degrees Celsius. (Be careful of heat and chlorine!) The water will spatter away from the iron plate, as on a griddle, upon barely touching it.
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