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Make a taser out of a 555 a 2n3055

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    when I was young I wanted to make a taser out of a 555 a 2n3055 and a high current relay (a chopper power supply I saw from 1950 car radios using tubes) connected to a few step up transformers. :rolleyes:

    I was limited to parts from radio shack and forrest mimms mini engineer booklets.:DD
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    It seems you would have gotten a kick from it once you tested it.
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    jim hardy

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    Makes me shudder to think what kids would likely do with such a cruel toy.

    Maybe thread should be in 'random thoughts' ?
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    That's funny. I tried the same thing at a similar age with a very small ignition coil and a relay that was wired through it's own contacts to buzz powered by a 9 volt battery. I got a very small tickle out of it at best. I actually brought it to school. Today if a kid was caught with that the bomb squad would be called in. I wired my sisters bedroom door to know what time she snuck in long after curfew using a timer. Eventually went 'high-tech' and did something opto-electrically when a light went on. I am sure my parents were worried I was going to burn the house down. I have to laugh at most of the safety warnings on this forum when I think about what I did as a kid. I also was limited to radio shack stuff and whatever old junk I could dig up.
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    jim hardy

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    Yes it's a wonder any of us survived adolescence.

    When i was in late teens it was just getting hard to buy firecrackers. One had to sign for them
    But every country hardware store in the Ozarks sold dynamite, no questions asked. Well, maybe a friendly "You boys going fishing?"
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