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Making 1 Tesla Electromagnet(need specification)

  1. Feb 4, 2012 #1
    HI I need to make a electromagnet(solenoid) of around 1 Tesla. I have power supply of around 40V to 50V DC. I want to make a device so that I can put it in my desk. Like around 40/50 cm size cube in which two such electromagnet will fit. I dont know what sized copper wire will be better for me and what will be its resistance. What size of iron core will be better and what will be the number of winding. If you need more information I will be happy to let you know. Thank you
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    This is a 1 tesla magnet (or at least, something that uses a magnetic field that powerful)

    Why in the world do you think you need a 1 tesla magnet?
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    Good choice of words. That table in the front of the picture is the part that you lie on to be inserted into the rest of it for imaging.
    If you can figure out how to do that on 40 volts, you will be a multibillionaire within hours.
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