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Making a tiny hovercraft

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    We're trying to build a small hovercraft (around 50x30cm sufrace, we guess). So far we're trying to re-invent the wheel at every step, but this involves many incorrect calculations & huge aprroximations that'd probaby lead many unexpected stuff (welcome to engineering, I hear. Hi there.).

    Some electronics details, that are probaby not necessary: The energy to the motors will be supplied by a ~7volts acid battery that can feed up to ~1.2A of current. Our current motors are supposed to work at 12V and 9V, we're going to have a little circuit to feed the motors from our battery.

    The question is: where can we find some documents/tutorials that will help us building this tiny hovercraft? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    mythbusters had an episode where they built a hovercraft from a leafblower and piece of plastic sheeting that had holes in it...
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    so i assume you are useing a motor for lift and a sperate motor for thrust or are they both for lift?
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    MK, a member her did that for one of our school projects

    he used... some sort of leaf blowing engine i think... and not sure what material you sat on...

    but it worked
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    I found found this image in another fourm on this site,

    http://www.cincinnatifan.com/PlugFan.html" [Broken]

    if you spin the fan assembely in the right direction, it will "scoop" air into the center of the fan, and create a high pressure area there. if a housing can be built that will cause this high pressure area to expell out onto a surface over a large area, it should work as "air coushion" for it to ride on. you would have to fabricate your own fan assembely because if your hovercraft is as small as the title implies, then the product in the picture is much to big for your purpouse.
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