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Masters in Nuclear Engineering

  1. Oct 14, 2009 #1
    Hey guys,
    I am currently at a school that only offers chemical/mech/computer/civil/electrical engineering, however, I have a great interest in nuclear. I have been reading books/articles on nuclear energy and find the whole prospect to be very interesting. I know that being a freshmen my best bet would probably be to transfer to a school with nuclear engineering, unfortunately, that doesn't seem like an option right now (scholarship money here). Are any of these disciplines close enough to nuc E that I could go to grad school for it? I am currently on the chemical track, but am also interested in mechanical. I really am not sure which of the 3 (chem/nuc/mech) I would want to do, but hell, before taking advanced technical courses who really knows which field they want to be in? Could either of these lead into working with nuclear energy? I could see both chem and mechanical being involved, just not sure how much.
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    Of course. It will obviously depend on the grad school, but you don't have to major in Nuke to go to grad school for Nuke. Especially since you want to stay in engineering, its probably not going to matter which one you pick.

    It doesn't have to be 'close'. If you are worried about it, figure out where you might like to go to grad school and start emailing people. Otherwise just pick a major that seems like it will be interesting and fun.

    Undergrad is supposed to be fun, then you either go to work, or go to grad school and get serious.
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