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Best major for nuclear engineering in grad school?

  1. Jul 15, 2017 #1
    Hi all,
    I'm currently a freshman studying mechanical engineering. My interest is 100% in energy production of all methods. However, I've wanted to work nuclear since I was 7 years old and intend to pursue higher degrees in it. I have chosen not to get my bachelor's in it as I feel a B.S. in nuke is too specific and it would be hard to find a job anywhere other than in a plant. I want a more general engineering degree first, but which one would be optimal for a master's in nuclear? I was considering chem E but that sounds less related, I was wondering if majors like materials science/engineering or electrical engineering would be better than my current ME major.
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    Nuclear power work employs engineers of many different stripes. In it you will find NucE, ME, EE, ChemE, and a lot of other majors. There are materials issues, heat transfer issues, vibration issues, control issues, etc. all to be addressed in order to create electric power from nuclear energy. Do think you have to have just one specific degree type to get into nuclear power. Get to be very good at any of these fields, and the doors will open.
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