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Homework Help: Material Breakdown Due to Electron Beam

  1. Jun 12, 2008 #1
    The problem asks me to determine the rate of breakdown due to firing 120 kev Electrons at Titanium of arbitrary thickness. I could solve this problem if I knew The average energy deposited per electron, or the Energy efficiency of the entire beam through the titanium.

    Electron Flux (Current)=8.75e16 Electrons per second
    Energy of Electrons= 120 keV per Electron
    Density of Titanium= 4.506 g per cm^3
    Thickness of Titanium= .0254 cm
    Surface area of Titanium= 100 cm^2

    Is there a formula that accurately describes the attenuation coefficient of electrons (or beta particles) based on the Z (# of protons) of the absorber. I am interested in the average energy deposited per electron or average energy deposited per second.
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    You may find this useful:

    http://physics.nist.gov/PhysRefData/Star/Text/ESTAR.html" [Broken]
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