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Material definition problem in ANSYS Maxwell

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    HI Guys,
    I am getting an error in Ansys Maxwell that says

    Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d: Internal Solver Error: 'In the Material: M270-35A_12 , the SLOPE of the End Two Points in this BH curve is 56519.1, which is more than 2 times of Mu0; This may lead to a non-physical solution. Please check the BH curve!
    Is there anyone that can offer an explanation/help with this Error?
    Thank you in advance,
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    It is hard to say what is the problem. In my opinion you entered wrong measuring units.

    B has to be Wb/m^2[Tesla] and H A/m. Check if they are not gauss and oersted.

    However, even for a ferromagnetic material the relative permeability of the end part of BH curve has to be close to 1-1.2

    If the SLOPE it is A/m/Wb/m^2 then miu [=Wb/m^2/A/m]=1/56519.1=1.7693E-5 H/m that means 14 times the vaccum permeability [miuo=1.25664E-06 H/m].

    See also:

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