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Material science: Imperfections in solids

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    Determine the number of vacancies per cm^3 needed for a BCC iron crystal to have a density of 7.87 g/cm^3. The lattice parameter of the iron is 2.866x10^-8 cm and the atomic weight of the iron is 55.847 g/mol. Given: Avogradro's number, N=6.022x10^23 atoms/mol

    Help please? i have no idea how to solve this question :( im gona have my first test for material science on wednesday!!
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    How many atoms in a unit cell? How many unit cells in 1 cm3? What is the average mass of an iron atom?

    What is the theoretical mass of a cm3 of Fe?
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    theyre not given:( that is why im having a hard time solving the question now sir
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