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Material Selection for Separating Acrylic Acid from Butyl Acrylate

  1. Dec 17, 2009 #1
    In my Chemical engineering Course, I have an Engineering Materials assignment, which needs to be submitted by this Monday.

    It contains questions based on the mechanical design of a binary distillation column that separates acrylic acid from butyl acrylate.

    I'm required to select a material, which would be suitable for the construction of this specific column.

    I hope someone can direct me to weblinks for this particular design.

    Secondly, I'm required to calculate:

    a, the design temperature and pressure of the column according to British/American standards

    b, After calculating the wall thickness value, I'm required to compare it with the British/American standards

    For these questions, I require access to the relevant British/American standards.

    I am looking for the weblinks for the relevant British/American standards.
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    Can someone also provide a reference for the Data Tables for Corrosion Data of Butyl Acrylate being exposed to Metals

    (i.e. Butyl Acrylate: Corrosion Data for Metals )

    I was able to find it online for Acrylic Acid but couldn't do so for Butyl Acrylate
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    Hello dearest,

    I find it extremely resourceful of you to find you posting your coursework question here. I'll ask the RA's to search for your profile. Better luck running away.
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    I am sorry for any misunderstanding; ............ I wish to do the coursework myself.

    I was looking for help in locating the relevant British/American standard online and some data tables online.

    I thought that there is nothing wrong in seeking assistance in finding standards & data tables online.

    If that is considered wrong, I would refrain to do so.
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