What is Material selection: Definition and 34 Discussions

Material selection is a step in the process of designing any physical object. In the context of product design, the main goal of material selection is to minimize cost while meeting product performance goals. Systematic selection of the best material for a given application begins with properties and costs of candidate materials. Material selection is often benefited by the use of material index or performance index relevant to the desired material properties. For example, a thermal blanket must have poor thermal conductivity in order to minimize heat transfer for a given temperature difference. It is essential that a designer should have a thorough knowledge of the properties of the materials and their behavior under working conditions. Some of the important characteristics of materials are : strength, durability, flexibility, weight, resistance to heat and corrosion, ability to cast, welded or hardened, machinability, electrical conductivity, etc.Systematic selection for applications requiring multiple criteria is more complex. For example, when the material should be both stiff and light, for a rod a combination of high Young's modulus and low density indicates the best material, whereas for a plate the cube root of stiffness divided by density





{\displaystyle {\sqrt[{3}]{E}}/\rho }
is the best indicator, since a plate's bending stiffness scales by its thickness cubed. Similarly, again considering both stiffness and lightness, for a rod that will be pulled in tension the specific modulus, or modulus divided by density




{\displaystyle E/\rho }
should be considered, whereas for a beam that will be subject to bending, the material index





{\displaystyle {\sqrt[{2}]{E}}/\rho }
is the best indicator.
Reality often presents limitations, and the utilitarian factor must be taken in consideration. The cost of the ideal material, depending on shape, size and composition, may be prohibitive, and the demand, the commonality of frequently utilized and known items, its characteristics and even the region of the market dictate its availability.

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  1. M

    What kind of plastic is best for this loudspeaker enclosure?

    I want to build a spherical speaker with a diameter of about 50 cm. The frequency response should be relatively deep. Now my question is, which type of plastic is best for it and how thick does the housing have to be?
  2. C

    Help with Material Selection Process

    Hi all, I'm working on designing a device, and I'm having trouble with material selection for a shaft, modeled below. I have found the maximum stress due to bending on the shaft in question by using σ_max = (M_max*y)/I where σ is stress, M is bending moment, y is distance from the neutral...
  3. milo_ec

    Misc. Highest friction coefficient?

    Hi, I was recently tasked to build a mini-sumo robot (10x10cm. 500g. the objective is to push your opponent out of a 75cm. diameter arena or dohyo), and I was wondering about the tires that I'm going to use. I want to increase the friction coefficient as much as I can, so I was wondering how to...
  4. PCal

    Materials selection and manufacture of a bracket

    Hi I'm on to the last question for my HNC and having a nightmare trying to work out my best options! Any help would be greatly appreciated! The bracket show in figure 1 is to be used to mount an outboard motor onto the transom of a boat. a. suggest two appropriate materials which will require...
  5. C

    Quantifying Static Electricity Hazard with High Explosives

    In the making of firework explosives, the explosive mixtures are handled with great care to avoid static electricity induced detonation of the explosives. Is it a good idea that they store the explosives in a plastic container - isn't there a risk of static buildup that could detonate the...
  6. MacLaddy

    Material selection for food grade application

    Hello folks, Got a project I've been tasked with completing. We have a small meat locker, approximately 4' x 6', and I need to design and build an above-head rack system to hang hams and other meats on. (approximately 50 to 60 lbs each) Can anyone offer a good starting point for a food grade...
  7. Thom_Silva

    Material Selection, material indexes

    Hi, I'm working in a design team for the first time and I'm in charge of choosing a material for an application. I have the constraints, support a tensile load of 50 kg , and the objective which is minimize the weight. I'm using the concept of material indexes to find the best material for the...
  8. mattyboson12

    Material selection for vehicle leaf spring

    Homework Statement I've gone though a material selection process to pick the optimum material for a rear leaf spring suspension for a vehicle (~700mm long) and I've selected the top 10 materials based on fatigue, fracture, toughness, cost, yield etc: -Stainless steel, martensitic, AISI 440B...
  9. mattyboson12

    Material selection based on either U1 or U2 merit index

    Homework Statement Choose a component based on either U1 or U2 merit index and select what you believe to be the optimum material. Homework Equations U1=(σ)^2/E (Energy density) U2=(σ)^2/(Eρ) (specific energy density) The Attempt at a Solution I was going to use a spring damper from a...
  10. Gaza365

    Help calculating required material thickness

    Hi all, I hope you can help... I am by no means smart enough to calculate how thick the material needs to be for a project I am working on, usually I would go by trial end error, but I don't have the budget for that unfortunatley. I'm am trying to work out what steel thickness I would need for...
  11. CorvetteAB

    Chassis material selection, lighter grades of MS

    Hey folks, My team currently uses mild steel aisi 1018 for their car chassis. While it is OK, we are looking for lighter alternatives. Problem is that we have to use mild steel ONLY. So I was wondering if any of you could give me a good alternative for 1018 that is lighter, has greater...
  12. Spacexplorer

    Material Selection for What?

    Firstly, it is a basic problem. I need to decide on a part of machine or anything for material selection presentation using CES Material Selector. I need a simple shape and simple property material because I can't calculate complicate dynamic loading so I need some limitations for instance...
  13. H

    Material selection for chassis

    I am working on a project for which we have to design a Light weight tricycle. I want to know the procedure for selecting a light weight material for the chassis, which has good stiffness, economically available and good weld ability. We also have no constraints on the cross section of the pipes...
  14. A

    Help with selecting materials -- military surveillance application

    1. To carry out a materials selection exercise for a military/surveillance portable infrared imager tripod. The exercise will be carried out by means of any legal and valid technique possible and applicable, including (but not withstanding) techniques described in lectures, textbooks &...
  15. J

    Response time of a magnetic circuit and its elements

    This one is for people working with electromagnets (more specific, DC) etc. I have a few questions that I am struggling with: I am quite comfortable with the concept of the response time (time constant) of a coil in free space, μ0 =4π x 10-7 . The thing I am struggling with is the response time...
  16. H

    Good reference book or links for material selection

    Hi Everyone, I am basically a post graduate student try to set up my own business. Its a mechanical based business. I come across activities like material selection, fabrication, machining & installation and commissioning. In short turnkey projects. Since my activities are customer based...
  17. A

    Drop Test theoretical calculations & material selection

    Hello, I am currently assigned to perform a drop tests on a unit that we sell. Thing is that I am an Electronic Engineer so I am not best at mechanics. I am wondering whether you can calculate forces and required material strength to withstand the drop test. The reason I am asking is...
  18. H

    Core material selection to achieve desired inductance of a coil?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a coil with the exact specs as the original. I have all the info I need except the actual core material used. I have all the measurements of the core and coil including: Wire gauge, # of turns and turns per layer,Bobbin dimensions, inductance without the...
  19. C

    Help with material selection - Car Piston

    Hi guys, 1st year mech engineering student looking to get some input on a recent project for my Material Selection class I have to select an alternative material that could be used to make a car piston For simplicity I'll only be forcusing on the piston itself, not the con rods or anything...
  20. B

    Plastic extrusion material selection?

    plastic extrusion material selection? Hey all, I work for a curtain wall manufacturing and design company out of Canada. I've recently been presented with the task of creating a new extrusion to improve the thermal performance of our curtain wall system. My question to you all is, and...
  21. F

    Skimming Boom Design, Material Selection & Bending Moments, Agri Mech.

    I'm currently studying Agri. Mech. Eng but I need some help on this, I know roughly what to do but it's where to start: 1. Design a skimming boom for a biomass slurry transfer tank which can have a reach of 7.5m. Tool must attach to a "quick hitch" plate - factory spec for the loader is...
  22. N

    Material selection for sour/acidic service

    I am facing some problems regarding material selection for sour/acidic service of raw natural gas due to the presence of H2S & CO2 gas. According to the common practice if the raw gas contains <4 ppmv H2S & <6 mol% CO2 then we consider this as a sweet service and we can use carbon steel...
  23. R

    Plastic Material Selection

    Looking for a flexible plastic, equivalent to TPE shore A 50-60. Finish to be similar to ABS or PC, which mean high gloss, polish finish; that can be injection molded. Can somebody recommend a plastic resin that meet those criteria? -robert
  24. R

    Material Selection: Thin Flexible Metal Rod for 6K Cycle

    I am trying to find a thin flexible metal rod that does not have a spring back property and be able to bend 45 deg. per side for 6K cycle. I tried 0.7 mm galvanized steel rod but not getting the cycle needed. Think of paper clip that and be bend 6K times without breaking. Once bend to a...
  25. D

    Material Selection, Insulator, Cryo Temp

    Hi, I've got an applications where I need an insulating washer/disk in order to insulate stainless from stainless at 50 degrees Kelvin. I need help in selecting a material to do the job. I.e. low thermal conductivity, durable enough at 50 K to take a compressive static load of approx 40...
  26. S

    Material Selection for Separating Acrylic Acid from Butyl Acrylate

    In my Chemical engineering Course, I have an Engineering Materials assignment, which needs to be submitted by this Monday. It contains questions based on the mechanical design of a binary distillation column that separates acrylic acid from butyl acrylate. I'm required to select a...
  27. G

    Foucault currents / Eddy Currents vs material selection

    Hello, I am a mechanical engineer by education and I am working on a multi disciplinary problem. I regularly work with eddy current dynamometers at work and I am curious about the materials used within the rotor and stator of these dynamometers. First off, this isn't a homework problem per...
  28. S

    Material Selection for isoprene and 3-methyl-1-butene

    hey guys.gals am currently working on a school project. and i would appreciate any help on what would be the best materials in a system that involves isoprene(2-methyl-1,3-butadiene) and 3-methyl-1-butene. and help on the properties of this liquids would also be apreciated. are they corrosive ...
  29. M

    Build a "Piano" with Solenoids: Material Selection & Diagrams

    I was thinking that it's possible to make a sort of "piano" using solenoids. If you had a spring to reset it, and the "keys" of the "piano" activated simple contact switches, it could be done, right? It wouldn't be a terrible strain on the batteries if the contact were as short as pressing...
  30. L

    Core material selection for high-current DC solenoid

    Hello! This is my first post on Physics Forums. Seems like a good community. I will endeavour to contribute. Over the next few weeks I will have to build a test rig for a fiber-optic sensor I'm developing. The sensor is for high magnetic field strengths, so the test rig must essentially...
  31. D

    Find Optimal Beam Dimensions for Supported Footbridge | Material Selection

    A simply supported footbridge is to span a total of 7 meters. The load on the beam is a distributed force of 5kN/m plus its weight. Taking into account the beams weight, what dimensions should be selected for the beam? Ive been given a table of beam dimensions along with their values for...
  32. A

    Material Selection: Al-Mg-Si-Fe Alloy

    Please help me in selecting material Selection the % is given Al=82.918%,Mg=0.063%,si=12.603%,Fe=0.991,cu=2.612%,Mn=0.188%,cr=.038%,Ni=0.131%,Zn=0.118%,Sn=0.188%,Ti=.069%,Pb=0.181% what will be the name of material.
  33. M

    Material Science, Material Selection Question

    I have a problem with this homework. Please have a look at my work and see if it checks out. ROCKET FUEL TANK A company has asked you to help their business in space tourism. They have designed a rocket that will be powered by nitrous oxide (reacted with rubber), and you are to select...