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Materials Needed for Analogue Communications

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    Hey guys,

    I'm a second year Electronics Engineering undergrad student and this semester I'm studying a subject called Communications Engineering 1, which is basically an introduction to Digital and Analogue Communications.

    I'm really stuck so far on the Analogue stuff because our lecture notes are really tough and hard to understand! I'm trying really hard but I need a "stepping stone" or something that gives me a general understanding of whats going on before I get into the maths.

    So, what I'm seeking is a book which will help me get a basic understanding before I move onto more in-depth notes.

    I'm looking for information on topics such as:

    > Multiplexing
    > AM, FM, PWM
    > Angle Modulation
    > Demodulating
    > Sampling


    Thanks guys!
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    I like Stremler's "Introduction to Communication Systems". I also very much like Williams' "Designing Digital Filters" -- it has some good background and motivation for both analog and digital fiilters, and discusses signal theory in a helpful and intuitive way.

    The wikipedia.org article on modulation is also pretty helpful.
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