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Text book recommendation on "Electronics and Communication"

  1. Jul 28, 2014 #1

    I have an optional course this upcoming semester on "Electronics and Communication" for which the course syllabus is roughly:

    Field effect transistors, transistor circuits, Operational Amps, analogue to digital conversion (and vice versa), combinational circuits, sequential circuits, Flips flops, registers, counters,serial and parallel data transfer, Communication theory, Analogue Modulation Schemes - AM and FM, signal detection and demodulation, Digital modulation schemes, Noise.

    Honestly, I do not know what ~ 80% of those things are (majoring in physics) and I'd like to know of some good texts I could refer to for background information if necessary.

    Maths background : Calculus, Differential equations, complex variables theory, some fourier analysis.

    ~ Inlasi.
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    Greg Bernhardt,

    I found out about Horrowitz & Hill - Art of Electronics. I think it'll be enough for this particular course.
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    George Jones

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