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Materiel for fixed target particle collisions

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    I am constructing a linear particle accelerator and have come into a problem, I need a materiel that when a electron hits it the electron breaks apart in smaller particles and the materiel breaks apart (on the subatomic level of course) as little as possible and make a little exes radiation as possible. Also what will happen when a electron hits the materiel? and is the reaction detectible with say with a Geiger counter after many collisions with the materiel. Also what sort of materiel could do the opposite? give off many particles when its hit by electrons? Or even more broadly what material would make a measurable effect when electrons hit it?

    thank you
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    Vanadium 50

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    That's too bad because no such material exists. (Not materiel, which means munitions and war supplies)
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    All experiments indicate that an electron is an elementary particle, it cannot break apart. Collisions can produce new particles, however.

    Don't do that, you clearly do not have the necessary experience to construct or use it in a safe way. And we won't help you to hurt yourself.
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