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Math Math and physics teacher at the high school level

  1. Apr 8, 2010 #1
    I want to be a math and physics teacher at the high school level, or possibly teaching adult continuing education courses.

    The thing is, I'm a quiet person, maybe a little bit shy. A few people have told me that teachers need to be outgoing. The thing is, I can talk loudly and be firm when I need to, haha.

    So, I'm just wondering, is there any truth to this "outgoing" thing?
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    Re: Teaching!

    As a former high school chem and physics instructor (and now college lecturer), I'd say there is some truth in the matter... especially at the K-12 levels, where you need to be more concerned about a students' mental heath and safety than perhaps at the college level. Communication with parents, both about students' academics, behavior and mental well-being is also critical.

    Being "shy" doesn't, in other words, preclude you from doing your job well, but it might make it less easy.

    On the plus side, sometimes doing a job that requires some skill, such as a bit of "outgoing-ness" makes you develop that skill. I started out as a shy, quiet teacher... and now I'm so able to project that you can hear me across a filled lecture hall... and I can joke and laugh both with the students at the front of the room (those geeky kids like I was) and the students at the back of the room (the joking slackers like I've perhaps become!). My own family (parents and siblings) could notice the change even after my first year teaching.
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    Re: Teaching!

    I think as long as you love the subject your teaching, shyness shouldn't interfere. I too am a shy person, but when I discuss physics or astrophysics, even the simplest concepts, I feel a small rush of adrenaline and the information just flows like a perfect fluid. I have the hardest time approaching people, but when it comes to edjucating someone about a subject I love, it's like second nature. This holds for me, but I feel as if this is the case when anyone is passionate. Try it out on someone, even if it is a concept they might not be able to understand. Good luck!

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