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The Physics Teacher is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by AIP Publishing on behalf of the American Association of Physics Teachers covering the history and philosophy of physics, applied physics, physics education (curriculum developments, pedagogy, instructional lab equipment, etc.), and book reviews. It was established in 1963 and the current editor-in-chief is Gary White (George Washington University). Paul G. Hewitt is a regular contributor to The Physics Teacher.

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  1. W

    Job Skills How do you become a physics teacher in highschool or gymnasium school?

    Hi,I'm a student in Romania and I want to know the steps for becoming a physics teacher. Do you need a master degree or can you teach with a bachelor's degree?
  2. danbmurphy

    Physics Going back to grad school after having finished all classes

    I was in graduate school for an Applied Physics PhD program for 3 years, where I got my Master's and took all the required classes for the PhD. I left because I wanted to try my hand at teaching, and I LOVED it. Now I am 34 years old, and I am wondering if there is any possibility of going back...
  3. Dusty912

    Your physics teacher has asked you to build a barometer

    Homework Statement . Your physics teacher has assigned you the task of building a water ba,rometer. You've learned that the pressure of the atmosphere can vary by as much as 5 percent from 1 standard atmosphere as the weather changes. (a) What minimum height must your ba,rometer have? (b) One...
  4. Z

    Article in "The physics teacher" "Only two forms of energy"

    Hi I remember reading an article some years back (5?) on a description of energy categorized into either potential or kinetic energy. I think it was an article in "The physics teacher" but can't find it... Anyone remember it? Martin
  5. Kajal Sengupta

    Hi, I am Kajal, an online Physics teacher.

    I am happy to join this forum where I am sure I can share a lot with others. I am quite eager to participate in conversations .
  6. robphy

    Anyone attending AAPT Sacramento? MAA MathFest Columbus?

    Just thought I'd ask again (and again)... (It'll be my first MAA meeting.) https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/sm2016/ http://www.maa.org/meetings/mathfest The upcoming AAPT conferences are listed at https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/ 2017 Winter Meeting, February 18-21 (Atlanta, Georgia) 2017...
  7. A

    Hi guys, introducing myself

    My name is Amit Gupta and I am a teacher of physics and calculus, I have experienced in physics last several years, I love to solve physics equations, Anyone who have problems in physics and calculus subjects, I will provide you a right solution through problems practice. We are working towards...
  8. sciencejournalist00

    Do you believe what this physics teacher says about entanglement

    Deborah Hearn taught physics for many years at the University of Calgary before coming to Nanaimo. She is very interested in research about physics teaching and how to make it more effective. She has had a lifelong interest in creativity in science, and its relationship to scientific discovery...
  9. mioei

    My Physics teacher presented a wrong diagram? (Explanation↓)

    My Physics teacher told us to use a = g x sinθ during a lab trying to find how close we could calculate gravity using an inclined plane, a moving cart and a motion sensor to measure acceleration. He also drew a diagram next to the formula. I just wanted to confirm that his diagram was wrong, or...
  10. T

    Schools H.S. Physics Teacher seeks Grad School Options

    Hi Everyone, I am a high school Physics Teacher. I have a B.S. in Chemistry and a B. ChemE from a Big 10 University. I did a Post-Bacc. certification program to get my teaching certification in Wisconsin. I live and teach in southeastern Wisconsin. I have small children. I'm looking for a grad...
  11. Dopplershift

    What criteria are used to evaluate research in academia?

    So I decided that I want to be a teacher (maybe high school and possibly college). To those who are physics teachers / professors, I would like to know what advice you can give me as well as what you like about being a teacher, and what you dislike? Thanks. :)
  12. Strange design

    Future options as a Physics teacher

    Hello all! I was wondering if any of you Physics educators could help me realistically size up my future options as a Physics teacher. Back story: After receiving my bachelor's degree in business management and simultaneously working in the business world for around 6 years, I became unhappy...
  13. Amrator

    My Physics Teacher Might Be Jealous

    Hello, So I'm currently a senior in high school and I want to major in physics. I was really excited to start Honors Physics this year and meet my teacher. When I met him, I told him how I wanted to be an experimental physicist; he replied saying, "That's cool". Since then, things have not...
  14. C

    Engineering Highschool math/ physics teacher / Nuclear engineer.

    Have any of you worked as a high school math or physics teacher or nuclear engineer? If so do you like your job? Is your job stressful. Would you do it again? What other jobs in math or science have you had that you liked?
  15. ZapperZ

    Not The Substitute Physics Teacher You Want Teaching Your Students

    Where do they find these people and why are they being set free on our kids? http://news.yahoo.com/substitute-teacher-taped-spouting-bizarre-conspiracy-theories-high-135248463.html We ban crackpot like this in this forum. Zz.
  16. M

    My Physics Teacher is Obsessed with Elevators

    Homework Statement A 1200 kg elevator is supported by a cable. If the elevator is accelerating down at 1.1 m/s2, what is the tension in the cable? Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution W=mg W=1200 kg(1.1 m/s2 ) W= 1320 kg 1.1= 1320-F cable/ 350 kg Tension=1705...
  17. M

    My Physics Teacher Must Really Hate Pianos

    Homework Statement A 350 kg piano is dropped from a stationary helicopter. As it falls, it picks up speed and the air resistance increases, causing its acceleration to be less than 9.8 m/s2 What is the piano's acceleration at the moment that the air resistance is exerting an upward force of...
  18. W

    Problem from physics teacher newsletter

    1. A particle is moving around a circle of radius R in the x-0-y plane. During the motion, neither the x nor the y component of the particle's velocity exceeds v. Find the minimum possible period of revolutions. 2. V=2*∏/TR 3. x=y=v x^2+y^2=2v^2=V^2=sqrt{2}v T=2∏R/sqrt{2}/v...
  19. mishima

    Engineering Physics Teacher to Electrical Engineer

    I'm currently a high school physics teacher with BS in Physics and Astronomy, and will have a master of arts in teaching (physics) by this summer. I was just curious what it might take to start a career in electrical engineering at this point. Would I have to do an entire EE degree? Or could...
  20. S

    Becoming a Physics teacher - degree path

    Hello! I'm not sure if this was the right subforum to ask this question, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Currently, I'm a student at a California CC looking to transfer to a CSU here. I'm majoring in physics and have knocked out all my lower division classes and will be...
  21. M

    High school physics teacher seeking slide rules

    Hiya folks, In an effort to get the students in my Advanced Physics class to rely less on calculators and to develop their math skills, I am going to give them the option of using slide rules this year. I am offering them a small bonus on tests if they use slide rules instead of calculators...
  22. A

    Homework question needed because physics teacher doesnt want to help me

    Homework Statement An electron travels 1.68 m in 6.74 × 10−8 s. How fast is it traveling? Answer in units of m/sHomework Equations The Attempt at a Solution (1.68)/ (6.74 x 10 ^ -8) = 24925816.02 i asked the teacher on this education facebook thingy for our school called edmodo if i was...
  23. mathwhiz

    Impossible to understand physics teacher

    Okay so I started my first calculus based physics class, the first day I realize he has a very bad accent but I feel like I might be able to understand him. The second day we really start getting into vectors, magnitude, cross product, dot product, etc, I'm sure the supposedly really easy...
  24. S

    Is my physics teacher mad? (global warming related)

    I've been set the task of determining whether or not using alternative fuel sources will "fix" anthropogenic warming. The teacher's argument is that it is not so much the CO2 output of energy production methods, rather output of waste heat. We are to compare the efficiency of waste heat produced...
  25. E

    Please help I need to prove a physics teacher wrong

    Homework Statement I'm not able to understand this misconception "An observer can see more of their image by moving further back from the mirror" Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tested and I believe I can see more of the image as I move further back from the...
  26. E

    GCSE/ A level Physics teacher?

    Heyup everyone, Ive been looking into retraining as a teacher, GCSE and possibly A level physics is the level I would love to teach at. Ive been told I would be great at this as I really like to get people excited about learning and really try to engage people at whatever level makes them...
  27. R

    I think my physics teacher doesnt have a clue

    Homework Statement we did a experiment in class shooting marbles and taking measurements. The size of the Marble is .0019 meters and with a photo gate timed it at .0037 secs. Giving me a initial speed of .5135 m/s2. I am now trying to find time. with the angle being 70 degrees Homework...
  28. K

    Mean Physics Teacher: Is This Fair?

    I go to a good high school and am in grade 12. Most people here, by far struggle with physics the most out of any subjects. Physics seems to be the one subject that brings down everyone's marks. The final diploma exam is worth 50 % and has consistently had an average grade of about 62% so it is...
  29. S

    Arguing with physics teacher. Is there a terminal velocity(I know its a speed) ?

    This has to do with an object falling down in a linear line threw the air towards earth. I was arguing with my physics teacher today on whether or not terminal velocity was true. First, I understand terminal velocity refers to speed and therefore is without direction. My argument was not...
  30. N

    Gift ideas for my mom who is a physics teacher.

    My mom teaches high school physics (standard level and honors/AP). I want to get her a gift that will help her in the classroom. It could be a piece of lab equipment (nothing over a few hundred dollars) or a book of experiments, or even a display that goes on a wall that students would find...
  31. J

    Math Math and physics teacher at the high school level

    I want to be a math and physics teacher at the high school level, or possibly teaching adult continuing education courses. The thing is, I'm a quiet person, maybe a little bit shy. A few people have told me that teachers need to be outgoing. The thing is, I can talk loudly and be firm when I...
  32. E

    Choose the Right Physics Major for You

    I am currently in High school looking for colleges to apply for. I want to have a physics major, but the one school I am applying for right now as 3 choices for physics. I am just wondering which one to choose. Physics, Applied Physics: General Physics Physics: Secondary Teacher Education Any...
  33. B

    Physics Aspiring H.S./CC physics teacher advice

    I recently graduated with a B.S. in Applied physics, and I currently have two possible career routes that could satisfy me: finding a career in the applied sciences, or becoming a high school and/or community college physics and math teacher. This thread pertains to the latter option. I am...
  34. G

    Physics Secondary Physics Teacher / More coursework?

    I am trying to decide how to best approach becoming a stronger teacher of Physics at the high school level. I am teaching General Physics for the first time this year. My background is Biology/Env. Sci. I had 8 hours of Physics (w/lab) and 8 hours of Calculus as an undergrad but that was over...
  35. H

    Advice for a future physics teacher

    Coming into college, I had a vague idea that I wanted to be an engineer. After the first quarter of engineering classes, though, I realized how "industrial" the profession was. I never considered the business part of it, sitting down in an office and designing parts all day. So I dropped out of...
  36. M

    I haven't got a physics teacher

    This may seem weird but weird's my middle name. I'm 14 and I sort of crave knowledge. I like to know how things work, why they happen etc but now my schools just getting, I think the suitable word would be rubbish. All the science teachers are leaving for better paid jobs so we're getting...
  37. S

    Physics teacher needs help with lab on Newton's laws

    Hello! I am a high school teacher and I am doing a lab on Newton's laws. I need help interpreting part of the lab because the results did not come out to what the laws would have predicted. The lab consisted of setting up two carts, one with a spring which can be compressed and one...
  38. C

    Becoming a highschool physics teacher

    outof curiosity what is the path to getting a job teaching physics if one has a bachelors degree in physics. I ask as I am currently at a point where I could get a physics bachelor next year at the end of my 3rd year. however I would have a lackluster gpa at about a 3.2, with a number of...
  39. Δ

    Argument with physics teacher

    Today, I had an argument with my physics teacher about the movement of electrons around the nucleus. I have read way more quantum mechanics than any normal high school student and my teacher is trained as an engineer, not a physicist, but I am not sure if I'm right. His argument was something...
  40. N

    Schools Should I become a high school physics teacher?

    I'm getting my phyiscs bachelors in december. My original plan was to go all the way and get a PhD but I just can't keep staying in school that long. I realize graduate students get stipends, but I fear that won't be enough to support my family. I always enjoyed tutoring. I just love...
  41. B

    Physics teacher demonstrated Newton's 3rd Law

    Today in class, my physics teacher demonstrated Newton's 3rd Law by nailing a hammer in a piece of wood. She drew a free body diagram and there were three force pairs: force pair between hammer and nail, force pair between nail and wood from gravity/normal force, but however, she also put a 3rd...
  42. G

    Solve Integral & Complex Exponential Problems: Help Needed

    I have two homework problems that have been driving me nuts: 1.) evaluate the indefinite integral: integral(dx(e^ax)cos^2(2bx)) where a and b are real positive constants. I just don't know where to start on it. 2.) Find all values of i^(2/3) So far I have: i^(2/3) =...
  43. R

    My physics teacher doesn't teach Physics.

    It's true. First day of class he branded himself as a "learning assistor" and he wasn't kididng. He literally doesn't teach and requires us to read the book and learn it on our own. I have a test tomorrow, and I don't have a textbook (problems with ebay) but I do have review sheets so I have a...
  44. L

    Swinging physics teacher problem

    Hey all, I was doing a physics question in preparation for an exam, but I can't seem to figure it out! The question: "Your favourite physics teacher who is late for class attempts to swing from the roof of a 24 metre high building to the bottom of an idential building using a 24 metre rope as...
  45. B

    Is My Physics Teacher Being Inconsistent with Significant Figures?

    I just got done taking a test, and one question really was bothering me. My teacher had one problem where there was 20 m/s^2, this is one signifigant digit? Right? :mad: Yet last time I gave my answer in one signifigant figure, I got a lecture and told he'ld let me get away with it this time...
  46. L

    Physics teacher has posted log questions

    My physics teacher has posted log questions (for fun/frustration)almost every day. Having last had logs about 8 years ago, i have no clue how to solve for any of them. And seeing as how we don't actually use them in class, he won't help us figure them out. :bugeye: If anyone can offer me some...
  47. T

    Erg, revenge for the physics teacher?

    Hi, my name is Julie, and I have an awful physics teacher. Now, I know that you are going "No, you just don't understand the way he teachers, " blah, blah blah. Ok, no. I am a nerd, right? Right. I keep track of everything that goes wrong, every insult, everything. And add them up. His list is...
  48. M

    Question to physics teacher, need your answer to it as well

    A. You are trying to open a door that is stuck by pulling on the doorknob in a direction perpendicular to the door. If instead you tie a rope to the doorknob and then pull with the same force, is the torque you exert increased? 1.yes 2.no A.. The answer is 2. The moment arm is not...
  49. S

    Physics teacher is bad, can I teach myself?

    I need help. I'm studying physics, electricity and magnetism. I'm completely lost. My teacher does nothing for me, I have learned absolutely nothing from her since the course began. What I have learned, I have learned from doing homework problems and inferring from those who help me here...
  50. E

    My Physics Teacher didn't tell me how to do this

    he gave me an assignment about Pendulums and Harmonic motion. He gave us notes on vocab words we would need to know like; Bob, Equilibrium, period, frequency, and oscilation. he also told us that Period is unaffected by height of drop. That Length is directly proportional to Period. and Length...