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Math Books/Websites

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    I'm trying to get into Advanced Math next year and I'll probably be taking some other hard math courses such as Calculus. Along with Advanced English, Physics. Basically I've reserved that year to be a bookworm.

    I'm going to slowly reserve more and more of my time this summer to reading rather than playing and such so the shift won't be such of a scare when I get into school again. But anyway I'll be plenty prepared for English I'm sure but Math is another issue. I'm a person who really likes to be explained in detail and I'm wondering if their are any sites for Grades 10-12 Math or something that are really top of the line? Or better yet books are a better source I'm certain. Any good Math books? So Books or Sites. :wink:


    Runs around in a barbaric fashion screaming "This Site Rules!"

    Also my apologies to the moderators if I posted this in the wrong place. I was like Math Forum, Book Forum or Homework Help but I couldn't decide lol.
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