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Math-y or Nerdy License Plate Ideas

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    It's that time of year again....time to renew my license plate! I currently have a generic one. Boring! So I'm trying to think up a new one. Some ideas I've thought of or heard: LIMSUP, LIMINF, RLANLYS, PR MTH, AXMFCHC.

    So I like math. But anything geeky could work. Ideas anyone? (Limit to 7 characters)
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    E MC2 and then put 2 screws after the E? Would work in UK but probably very expensive plate to register!
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    Thats cute. They don't charge based on the content of the plate in the US, only a single fee for the privilege to make your choice. You just have to choose one that is not already in use.
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    Oh, over here it is the same, but most plates are in use as people buy them then re sell them!
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    Binary for 69
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    Q.E.D. or Q E D, etc...

    I'll sleep on it and post if I can think of any others.
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    No one but Greg should have that!
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    101010, 42
    2plu2e5, 1984
    peqlnp, p = np
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    I like Serena

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    Hi RCNNR! :wink:
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    These are great :)
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