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Mathcad Function

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    I am trying to use some functions in MathCad given in my thermodynamics textbook to calculate thermodynamic properties. I attached the functions below.

    I try using them and then I get an error saying too many commas

    I just type in: MCPH(T1,T2;A,B,C,D)=

    of course with numerical values, but it gives me that error. I've never touched Mathcad before, nor know how to program, so these problems requiring iterative solutions are becoming overwhelming

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    Have you touched the Mathcad User's Manual?

    A function is one or more mathematical expressions that generate a results given an input....you do NOT assign a value to a function by placing it on the left-hand side of an assignment....function calls should only appear on the right-hand side of an assignment statement...and this is not particular to Mathcad, this applies most everywhere.
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