What is Troubleshooting: Definition and 326 Discussions

Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes on a machine or a system. It is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem in order to solve it, and make the product or process operational again. Troubleshooting is needed to identify the symptoms. Determining the most likely cause is a process of elimination—eliminating potential causes of a problem. Finally, troubleshooting requires confirmation that the solution restores the product or process to its working state.
In general, troubleshooting is the identification or diagnosis of "trouble" in the management flow of a system caused by a failure of some kind. The problem is initially described as symptoms of malfunction, and troubleshooting is the process of determining and remedying the causes of these symptoms.
A system can be described in terms of its expected, desired or intended behavior (usually, for artificial systems, its purpose). Events or inputs to the system are expected to generate specific results or outputs. (For example, selecting the "print" option from various computer applications is intended to result in a hardcopy emerging from some specific device). Any unexpected or undesirable behavior is a symptom. Troubleshooting is the process of isolating the specific cause or causes of the symptom. Frequently the symptom is a failure of the product or process to produce any results. (Nothing was printed, for example). Corrective action can then be taken to prevent further failures of a similar kind.
The methods of forensic engineering are useful in tracing problems in products or processes, and a wide range of analytical techniques are available to determine the cause or causes of specific failures. Corrective action can then be taken to prevent further failure of a similar kind. Preventive action is possible using failure mode and effects (FMEA) and fault tree analysis (FTA) before full-scale production, and these methods can also be used for failure analysis.

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  1. UrbanFarmEngineer

    HVAC Electrical Issue: Current Leakage from Furnace

    Hey Everyone, I am not an electrical engineer I am a biochemmie and I am here for your help. I have been learning household wiring and troubleshooting electrical wiring problems in my house for the last few months and I am stumped on an HVAC issue and would really appreciate some insights from...
  2. R

    Troubleshooting of WFE - (Wiped Film Evaporator)

    Feed Details : Component X : 80% ( Boiling point : 105 deg.C) Component Y : 20% ( Boiling point : 256 deg.C) Feed Rate : 600 kg/hr Heating medium : Steam @ 145 deg.C operating condition : 50 Torr, 90 deg.C ( Based on Aspen Flash Simulation). Desired Outcome : TO remove 99% of component X...
  3. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting trailer lighting in tow vehicle

    I've got one of these. It's not even a year old. The problem is certainly in my tow vehicle (2013 Dodge Journey)'s wiring harness . The trailer's port tail light is on all the time. The starboard light never comes on. Neither braking, signaling, nor anything else - including whether the car...
  4. Graham87

    Troubleshooting nuclear decay, electron binding energies, internal contributions

    How do you know which binding energy shell to use? In the solution it uses K and L2. Why specifically L2 and not L3 or L1 for example? And what should I do with the information to omit electrons lower than 20kev? I initially thought that meant to omit the electron binding energies lower than...
  5. Graham87

    Troubleshooting Nuclear Reactions: Decay, Gamma Rays & More

    The problem comes with solutions. However, I dont get the 3 steps in the solutions. Why do they calculate decay for 120min in step 3? And why is only the daughter nuclide relevant and no granddaughter? There might be something lacking in my knowledge about nuclear reactions. Also, I don't know...
  6. Wrichik Basu

    Constructing a JK Flip-Flop: Troubleshooting Unexpected Outputs

    Our exercise in lab today was to construct a JK flip-flop using basic NAND gates. The ICs we used were 74LS00 and 74LS10. The circuit diagram we used is this: We were, however, not getting the expected values of Q and Q' based on the values of J, K and CLK. For instance, in my case, CLK=1...
  7. core7916

    Troubleshooting a Boost Circuit: Voltage Rise & Gate Issues

    Hello. I am creating a boost circuit and there is a lot of problems while testing. Before creating circuit i have simulated circuit in modelsim. Problems. 1. Sudden voltage rise from 40% to 50 % dury cycle. ( i am checking each duty cycle ) 2. When applying a gate voltage to mosfet the the...
  8. Vanadium 50

    Troubleshooting Linux Kernel Issues with Older CPUs

    I am not sure what the next step is: Linux kernel 4.18.0-425.3.1.el8.x86_64 work s fine. 4.18.0-425.10.1.el8_7.x86_64 works on two of my five machines. On the other two, I get the screen messages "CPU Stall" but nothing obvious in the log files. The troubled machines have older CPUs (Haswell)...
  9. R

    Backyard Tow Rope Troubleshooting: Motor Binding Issues

    Hello - We are building a backyard tow rope for my course. All of the electrical components are working as designed; however, the pulley can't consitently grip the rope when only placed around the rim. When looped around 1.5 times the rope continually shifts underneath itself causing the motor...
  10. R

    Troubleshooting Coordinates System from Cone

    I tried using coordinates system from cone, but not got what actually want to get. Any idea from you will greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. tysonman166

    Troubleshooting MCNP6: 'Bad Trouble in Subroutine Source' & More

    Hi! so i kinda stuck when i tried to run my code in MCNP6 because the output keep showing me "bad trouble in subroutine source of mcrun you need a source subroutine." While I am sure i already put my KCODE and KSRC in my code (on the picture below). Could anyone help...
  12. DaveC426913

    How do streaming services stream? (troubleshooting)

    It's clear my theory about how streaming services stream is flawed. Let me 'splain: We watch a lot of BritBox (like, a lot). Britbox is a streaming service, like Netflix and Disney+ and Prime Video (all of which we also have) on our Smart TV. We are trying to watch a specific (new) show ("Why...
  13. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Troubleshooting Index Error 7 in Decoding

    Source of my knowledge-: Encoding-: Decoding-: Other references-: Question-: There is no entry for index 7 in the dictionary while decoding, how do I fix this issue?
  14. shivajikobardan

    MHB Solving Your Problem: Troubleshooting Mistakes in Code

  15. angweieng

    Troubleshooting MCNP6.2 Error: l_list Too Small

    Hi everyone, I have used MCNP6.2 for few years. This is the first time that I encountered the error such as below: bad trouble in subroutine mars_xs_init of imcn l_list too small. I tried to run an input deck and track a bunch of decay isotopes. Is anyone has similar...
  16. A

    MHB Troubleshooting Inequality: Can't Seem to Solve the Last One

    Trying to get the last one, but not able to do it. What am I missing. I know that I can't but [-2,infinity] or [3,infinity] because for -2, and 3 y=0 and is not > 0. Any help appreciated.
  17. naviakam

    Troubleshooting 30kV Power Supply: Possible Problems and Solutions

    I am using a power supply (30 kV, 20 kHz) to discharge in air between two electrodes separated by an insulator. For 30 kV applied voltage, oscilloscope shows only 6 kV, and no discharge occurs. What are possible problems and solutions?
  18. mattlfang

    LaTeX Latex Troubleshooting: My Attempted Solution

    I really struggle the get the Latex working for some reason, so I attached my attempted solution in another picture.
  19. Stonestreecty

    Tire pressure Sensor Troubleshooting

    Good day, all I have a K1600 motorcycle. Will an after market tire pressure sensor work on a 2014 GTL? Dealers are crazy expensive and was told today that they are on back order. After search the TPMS Sensor Guide, I've new tires ready to be mounted, but a little confused. Any help will be...
  20. MichaelTam

    Troubleshooting F = q v B sin(theta) Calculation

    I use the equation find that ## F = q v B sin(theta) ## F = 0.01*300*5*10^-5*0.5 F =75 N I don’t know why my solution is not correct?
  21. G

    Troubleshooting a FET-controlled car tailgate

    Pressing the switch at (A) grounds the “U/T release request” pin of the ECU. The “U tailgate O/P” pin at (B) then changes state and signals the FET G170. The connector 586 pin 30 then goes high and powers the tailgate actuator at (C). If you follow the third pin of the FET, it appears to go to...
  22. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting stove heating elements

    Plz forgive. Old man fingers on young whippersnapper phone kb. This stove takes an hour to boil a pot of water. I'm looking at replacing the burners right now. They look brand new (top) but who knows? I bought this one (bottom) which is not exactly the same one. The prongs will fit but the new...
  23. O

    Wheelchair motor heating up -- troubleshooting

    hi i have a 646 se from quickie powerwheel chair pride company.i bought it used it always have had a pull on the right side as if the right side motor was weaker so to go strait i had to aim a bit at the left with the joystick.This summer the right motor or close to it started making a...
  24. P

    I Troubleshooting Calculator Issues: Wolfram & Equation in Photo

    I have the problem with checking solution in calculators. For example wolfram doesn't give result of this equation. Have you any idea what is going on? Maybe should I simplyfy something. The equation is placed in photo.
  25. n.easwaranand

    Troubleshooting a Wrong Multiplying 2nd Equation

    Can't figure out what is wrong with my solution. Multiplying 2nd equation with |x'> to get <Φ|x'>=∫<Φ|x'><x'|x'>dx' = ∫Φ*(x')dx' So, W=ψ(x)∫Φ*(x')dx' = <x|Ψ><Φ|x'> But this is wrong. Not sure what is final answer.
  26. gregory112

    Troubleshooting a homemade Van de Graaff machine

    I'm trying to build a Van de Graaff generator, but it does not generate any charges. The problem is, I don't know which part is accidentally shorted, or grounded. I use both PVC pipes for the top and bottom rollers. The belt is neoprene rubber, 1mm thick. The rollers are bolted on aluminum...
  27. ?

    I Troubleshooting a difficult integral

    Hello everyone, I have a maths question (for a change). In summary, I would like to reconcile the following two integrals: Integral A: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=integrate+(a^2tan^2theta)/(a-b+cos+theta)+dtheta \int\frac{x^2\,dx}{\sqrt{x^2+a^2}(\sqrt{x^2+a^2}-b)} =x...
  28. brainbaby

    Troubleshooting my LG plasma TV - no picture display

    Hi friends, Let me brief, long story short.. I am working on an LG plasma TV model 42PQ30R. The fault is no display. The tv is turning on, the blue led is working, however there is no standby (red light), tv automatically going in run mode (i.e blue led) Note: sometimes gets off automatically...
  29. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting audio in Win 10

    I opened up my lappie today to discover that it will not play any sound. Says there are no audio output devices installed. I went through various Google suggestions, including pointing it at my system drivers (Device Mgr > System Devices > Hi Def Audio > Update > Choose from my drive) and then...
  30. Math Amateur

    MHB Math Query: Troubleshooting \mathcal{\Tau_1}

    In a recent post I wanted to use a capital tau ... and so typed \mathcal{ \Tau_1 } but generated an error ... Can someone please help ... ... I wanted the capital tau symbol as in the following text ... Hope someone can help ... Peter
  31. r-swald

    Troubleshooting Force Calculation Errors

    I attempted this a few times but keep getting the same wrong answer... Converted the values: q1 = 6.6E-6 q2 = 1.42E-6 q3 = -2.04E-6 d1 = .03m d2 = .02m Calculation for force on 1 F1 = - F12 + F13 = - (9E9*6.6E-6*1.42E-6 / .03^2) + (9E9*6.6E-6*2.04E-6 / .02^2) (I used negative for F12 to...
  32. L

    Troubleshooting a Physics Problem: Where is the Flaw?

    The image doesn't seem to be appearing in the problem statement so here it is: I already know the correct answer and the method to arrive at it. However, I didn't find it very satisfying. So in attempting to create an answer that was, imo, more intuitively satisfying I: a. treated the...
  33. yecko

    Engineering Troubleshooting Heat Exchanger Error Msg

    How should I do to eliminate the error message? In what direction should I approach the question? (I have tried difference combination and sequences of the heat exchanger below pinch, all seems not working) Thanks
  34. Z

    YSICS: Troubleshooting an Equation Plot Issue

    First image showing script and plot Second image where all I have done is slightly change the thickness and now the plot looks very weird. Final image showing the kind of plot I am expecting. Am I just doing something stupid as I can't see what is wrong/different between my equations and the...
  35. amare

    Troubleshooting Corrupted Audio Files When the C Drive is Low on Space

    When the C drive gets limited in space, I take some space from the D drive and the audio files in D drive corrupted and can not open. How do I open these files?
  36. F

    Troubleshooting a GFCI Trip - Help Needed!

    Im not sure if I am allowed to post this here. I have a question regarding gfci Our gfci in the bathroom tripped. Steam was accumulated due to hot bath, and then a hairdryer is used. After around 10min,the gfci tripped. It won't reset. Tried switching the circuit breaker off and turning back...
  37. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting a Pool Pump: Why Won't My Hayward Pump Draw Water?

    Well, I'm stumped. I've got this 1/4HP Hayward pump that simply will not draw water. I've removed every factor in the system down to the bare minimum, replaced everything in the system that can be replaced and applied silicone lube to everything that can't. I have a six foot length of new hose...
  38. karush

    MHB Tech Troubleshooting: Starting with Your Cell Phone

    Ok had to start this with a cell phone But need help even with first step Just focusing in on #3 #4 I think is related
  39. Jim Hasty

    I Calculating Acceleration of Gravity w/ Geodesic Deviation: Troubleshooting

    I have tried twice now to calculate acceleration of gravity using the general relativistic equation of geodesic deviation and both times my solution is twice the correct answer. What am I doing wrong? As an example here is one problem: Calculate the acceleration of gravity g at the earth’s...
  40. G

    I Help! Troubleshooting a Technical Problem

    Hi, Trying to figure this out any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks all
  41. B

    Stargazing Troubleshooting My Orion 130 Reflector

    I have an Orion 130 reflector. Never had a telescope before. The field of view is about a quarter inch through the focuser with the 25 mm eyepiece. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong or if there is something wrong with the telescope itself? I'm at my wit's end. Any help would be...
  42. O

    Troubleshooting a 2 Pole motor running at low speeds on a VFD

    I run a small food manufacturing operation. We process nuts and seeds. We have several grinders/food processors that run at variable speeds. The speed of the motor is varied using an Emmerson VFD. The turning speed of the grinder is very low ( 50-100 RPM) arrived at using a sprocket and chain...
  43. J

    MHB Troubleshooting (b), (c) & (e): Seeking Assistance

    I have some difficulties answering part (b), (c) and (e). Help is appreciated.
  44. D

    Submitting to STOC 2018: Troubleshooting Comments & Reviews

    Has anyone here submitted an article to STOC 2018? Are you having trouble viewing the comments and reviews? Mentor Note -- Link to the ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing added: http://acm-stoc.org/stoc2018/
  45. Arup Biswas

    Troubleshooting Mass & Spring Dynamics

    Please tell me which one is wrong! When I put a mass M on one end of a spring!
  46. M

    Troubleshooting Keyboard Lockup on IBM Thinkpad with Windows 7

    On occasion my keyboard locks up. IBM thinkpad, Windows 7. It occurs when I am typing a message in a forum like now. Fortunately my mouse still works, so I can save the (incomplete) message and then restart the computer, freeing the keyboard. Any ideas why it is happening and is there a...
  47. DaveC426913

    Troubleshooting Unexpected Volume Control on Smart TV and Soundbar

    I know this is so vague as to be unanswerable - at least no answer better than I might come up with through a bit of experimentation - but it's late and I'm lazy. After having my new Smart TV with soundbar for several months now, it has spontaneously started doing something different. The new...
  48. G

    Diagnosing and Repairing a Faulty Inverter: Tips from a Scientist

    Hi all, 1500W 12Vdc to 110Vac modified sine inverter. Two output MOSFETs shorted and took some of the driver components with them. I removed all the MOSFETs, and fed in some power carefully - once the voltage rose to 12V, I could see the large output caps were being charged to over 200V, and...
  49. snate

    I Troubleshooting a Derivation: Why μ*ε=1/c^2?

    I've been following the derivations in the following video up until that point. I don't quite understand why does it imply that μ*ε=1/c^2. Thanks.
  50. T

    Switch Mode DC-DC step-down PSU design troubleshooting

    I am working on a switch mode psu in step down configuration with the key components being: LM2592 (adj) http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2592hv.pdf 530-PC-24-1000 http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/643/PC-594199.pdf GSIB-25 http://www.vishay.com/docs/88646/gsib25xx.pdf Using a slightly modified...