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Homework Help: Mathematical Methods for Physicists - Arfken

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    I don't know where to post this message, excuse me.

    I am taking the course "Matmematical Methods for Physicists." And my textbook is by Arfken. I wonder anyone here knows online sources that I might benefit for studying. I am in lack for good sources please help.
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    Hey physiker99:


    Seriously though, Arfken covers so much material you will never do all of it in a single class. Which topics in particular?
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    first chapter of vectors, coordinate transformations and series (taylor, convergence tests) would suffice for now. It's a 2-semester course, I'm taking the first one.
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    This material is essentially contained in most calculus and linear algebra courses.

    For an introductory treatment of Taylor series check out Stewart's Calculus book. For an introductory treatment of vectors and coordinate transformations, check out any introduction to linear algebra book (e.g. Lay's Introduction to Linear Algebra), you can also find a treatment of vectors and coordinate transformations in Stewart's but it's somewhat less complete.
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