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MATLAB confusion

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    Hello all, i am trying to write a script file that will only print if [tex]R[/tex] is divisible by [tex]D[/tex] where [tex]D=3[/tex]
    I wrote a loop statement with the condition being [tex]fix(R/D)=R/D[/tex] this works fine but there is another way that the book does it. The book uses [tex]mod(R,D)=0[/tex] as the condition. I tried typing in [tex]help mod[/tex] but the explanation that MATLAB gave was extreamly confusing, can anyone tell me what the command [tex]mod(x,y)[/tex] says....what does the [tex](x,y)[/tex] mean...thanks in adnvance.
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    mod is the modulus of command. A modulus is essentially the remainder of a division process. Here's a few examples:

    4/2=2 R=0--2 goes evenly into 4 thus there is no remainder.

    so, mod(4,2) would give a result of 0

    9/4=2 R=1--4 goes into 9 twice leaving a remainder of 1

    so, mod(9,4) would give a result of 1.

    Mod commands are common to most (I can't think of a language that doesn't include this command though different syntax is used) and are very powerful/useful tools.

    Hope this helped. Good luck.
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    wow...thanks for the example, it hit the spot!!!!
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