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MatLab - Raising each component of a matrix

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    I am in great need of the syntax that tells MatLab to raise the component of a vector to any power.

    I also need to know the syntax that outputs the time to perform the calculation.

    Thank you
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    If you mean raising the each component of the vector to the same power, e.g. you want ##{\boldsymbol x} ^ n = [x_0^n, x_1^n, \ldots, x_m^n]^T##, then you can use:
    Code (Text):

    [color=#408080][i]% x = some vector[/i][/color]
    x [color=#666666].^[/color] n;
    For timing, you can use:
    Code (Text):

    t = cputime;
    [color=#408080][i]% do some operations here[/i][/color]
    elapsed = cputime [color=#666666]-[/color] t;
    fprintf([color=#BA2121]'Elasped time: %.2f s\n'[/color], elapsed);
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    Thank you, Sir.
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    For timing, you can also use 'tic' and 'toc' as follows:

    Code (Text):
    X = 1:1000;
    X2 = X.^2;

    Code (Text):
    Elapsed time is 0.006004 seconds.
    In general, you can put any code snippet between the two tags. 'tic' always marks the beginning of the timer, and 'toc' the end.
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