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MATLAB xlsread function

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    MATLAB "xlsread" function


    I am trying to import some data from an Excel spreadsheet, however the range is a variable in my code. For example, I have "t" and "b" as numbers which specify the top and bottom rows of the data I need.

    For example I need:

    A = xlsread('test.xls','A3:A10');

    however I need to to import, in general, A"t" to A"b", where t and b are the row numbers.

    The Excel file is very large (>10^5 rows) so I would very much like to avoid importing the entire spreadsheet and then filtering it MATLAB.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Re: MATLAB "xlsread" function

    You can use the "sprintf()" function in MATLAB to create the necessary input string.

    It is very similar to the C version in terms of usage. If you haven't used it, just search through the MATLAB help documentation.
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    Re: MATLAB "xlsread" function

    Hello, that is brilliant, does exactly what I need. Thanks a lot.
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