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Max load on rc cart depending on motor torque

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    I'm making a rc cart with 4 wheels with rubber tracks on them. Two front wheels are powered by two dc motors 3.5-15[Nm] torque. Torque of 15[Nm] represent stalled torque.
    Let's say that friction between wheel axel and body of cart is minimal. Diamter of axle is 10[mm] and the diameter of wheel is 100[mm]. Motor spins at 35-70[rpm] depending on two posible gears (it's a windscreen wiper motor).
    What is maximum load it can carry?

    I found some calulations that are totaly different. One of them says it can carry 230kg unlike the other says only 15kg. I guess calculation of 15kg would be maximum lifting force instead of pulling but I'll let you decide what is correct.

    Thank you very much!
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    Stevic: Force is measured in newtons (N). The maximum force at your wheel perimeter is 300 N, which occurs at the stalled torque, if the rubber does not slip on the roadway.
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