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Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution for Ideal Gases (Thermodynamics)

  1. Mar 27, 2011 #1
    I just have a question of this subject, it is a pretty straight forward concept, however there are things that i just can;t figure out, like in any given gas which is the minimum volume required to have a maxwell boltzman distribution, @ 1 atm 273.15 K ? I honestly just can't figure it out... can someone please help me ? i don't know where to even start, please don't give me the answer i just want to accquire the rationale!

    =) thanks in advanced!
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    Andrew Mason

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    Why do you think there is a minimum volume to have a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution? Would it not depend on the number of molecules per unit volume rather than just volume? Do you think there would be a clear limit (eg. no. of molecules per unit volume) below which no MB distribution is possible but above which there is?

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    yeah sorry i postulated wrong, here it is what i meant, 10^6 molecules are needed to establish a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, what is the minimum volume for the ideal gas law to hold @ 1atm and 0 C.

    The thing is that i didn't want to post the problem I really need to think it by myself i just wanted a bit of guidance, I have a test on this next wed, so i really want to learn it!

    so yeah thats what i meant.. I still have no clue.. :s

    thank you! =)
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