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Maxwell3D-Howto simmulate 2AC electrodes putting into a pool

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    Dear All,
    I'd like to simulate the magnetic field produced by two AC electrodes putting into a pool (figure 1). I am using Ansoft Maxwell3D... but i don't know how to set excitation for an AC current in this case.

    the first test I put two current excitations at two ends of the electrodes (with no wire connecting between them), but it won't produce a symmetric magnetic field around each electrode.... (figure 2)

    I draw a small wire (copper) connecting between 2 electrodes and put excitation on middle of the wire, but I dont know why the J field did not show a strong conduction zone in the water area (figure 3)
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    many thanks for seeing, i have solved it ok
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    Hi All,
    Sorry I wish to repost this question because I still have some problems with it. Please anyone can help me: how to simulate the magnetic field produced by 2 AC electrodes putting into a pool. I have an AC power (500Hz) with 2 electrodes, then I put the 2 two electrodes in two ends of a water channel. i would like to simulate the magnetic field produced around the water channel by using Ansoft Maxwell3D, i don't know which model should i use (eddy current or transient magnetic), and how to describe and set excitation for the AC eletrodes?

    Thank you very much and best regards,
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