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Mean grade.

  1. Nov 15, 2013 #1
    Hi Physics Forum.

    I have just finished one of my exams, in my undergraduate physics program. I haven't yet received the result, but my gut feeling tells me that it hasn't gone as usual.

    This makes me wonder, what the mean grade for the bachelor degree in Physics is (ore what a good average grade would be). So I would hear if there was anyone on PF who knows ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Its pretty high. Most physics undergrads have grad school aspirations and as such they strive for straight As. I went to a big state school and most of my graduating class graduated with honors. I think the average graduation GPA was about 3.5.
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    George Jones

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    This is dependent on geographical location, e.g., average grades in (parts of) Europe are substantially lower than average grades in North America.
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