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Measure 2 magnetic fields operating at different frequencies?

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    I have 2 coils arranged next to each other. One of them is used to generate alternating magnetic field at several Hz, and the other one also generate alternating magnetic field but at higher frequency (several kHz).

    Are there any magnetic sensors that can measure only the high-frequency magnetic field when both of the magnetic fields are being generated OR are there any possible ways to filter (or determine) the high-frequency (kHz) one?

    Thank you very much!

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    The best way would be to turn off the low frequency excitation. Why can't you do that?

    Alternatively, you could get a Hall probe and put it inside the HF coil. The field there should be mostly that of the HF excitation.

    Away from the two coils, the magnetic field at any one point can only have one value and this will vary with the combined effect of the two coils. You can filter the output, but the result would still be that of one frequency mixed with the other.
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