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Homework Help: Mechanical Design Considerations

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    Please can someone give some of the Mechanical Design considerations in the Design of a Remote Handling Machine to Deploy Tooling in a Hazardous Environment?
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    Hello and welcome to PF Sageese. I'm new here too, but maybe I can help you out.

    Lets start with a little more information about what your trying to accomplish like:

    What are you trying to handle? and how are you wanting to handle it? Is this similar to a conveyor or a robotic arm?

    Second, how is the environment hazardous? Is it poison gas, explosive dust, or high temperature?

    Any information you can provide could help us provide you with better suggestions.


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    It is a robotic arm or small machine that can be control with remote to move in small tunnels. It is a nuclear plant environment and it is high temperature environment. The question is just the way it is, because it is given to me to give a presentation on it at a particular job interview.

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