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Aerospace Mechanical Eng. Undergrad then Aerospace Eng. Graduate?

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    Okay, so I'm a grade 11 student in Canada, and my goal is to become an aerospace engineer. For the past few months I've been doing research and though that Carleton University's Aerospace Engineering program seemed good.

    However, after reading various threads on this site, I'm contemplating starting off with a Mechanical Engineering undergrad, and then going into Aerospace as a graduate degree. Thoughts? Will this affect my chances of being hired? Will it reduce my knowledge on aerospace-related topics? If I were to attend a university that didn't offer an undergrad in AE (saw UWO), and then got my graduate degree (Masters probably) in AE, would that be a problem? Will I know enough about aerospace related stuff to get hired?

    If I went the ME-AE route, I would have the opportunity to select between many more universities than the 3 in Ontario that offer AE as an undergrad.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Many people do the ME to AE route. I did it and have been no worse for wear. You should be no less hireable, especially since ME and AE are largely interchangeable courses of study for many jobs. The only exception are the few areas that one degree covers that the other doesn't, but those are fairly few.
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