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Aerospace Tips on getting into the Aerospace Industry

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    I'm a graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

    It is my dream to work in the Aerospace field. As I've learned since I graduated, it's a field where folks want 3+ years of experience most of the time which I'm told (and kind of assumed) has a lot to do with the economy and funding cuts in this particular field.

    My resume is spot on, my GPA is excellent (as I've been told repeatedly).

    My goal is to be working on space flight systems, spacecraft design, propulsion, or anything in that area.

    Any advice/pointers/knowledge would be great.

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    If I were in your position (looking for work in aerospace) I would:

    1. List every company that supplies ___(space flight systems, etc.)

    2. Research recent contract awards to those companies. I don't know how to do this, but I'm sure it is public knowledge. When a company gets a contract to produce something they need new warm bodies to do all the work.

    3. Get into direct contact with those companies and ask for an interview...they always are ready to take recent graduates for junior positions. You have to start somewhere. Once on board you can prove your competence and they will value you (with salary increases, paid training, tuition aid towards your Master's, and more benefits).

    Unrelated example: When Boeing won the contract for approximately 30 new "Dreamliners" last year they hired more than 1,000 newbies.
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