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Mechanical or Civil Engineering

  1. Apr 22, 2013 #1
    Hey guys,
    I currently in my second year of Bachelors in Civil, however i am contemplating on switching to mechanical. The reasons for this, is that i am wanting a degree that can lead me to a career where i can be involved in the design, development and integration of technology that have direct real-world applications from green energy, to medical, environmental, water sanitation, transport, etc. Just wondering what you think would give me the best opportunity to do this.
    As, correct me if i am wrong , but civil would be more restricted to the implementation (building infrastructure to support these technologies).
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    Environmental, water sanitation and transport (the actual coordination of it and not the design of particular vehicles) tend to be civil matters. Medical and the more finite aspects of green energy are more mechanical. I know a lot of people claim mechanical engineers can do everything a civil engineer can do, however, as a mechanical myself I can admit that it is not true. Civil engineers are more well-versed in certain areas that are far more beneficial to the above-mentioned.

    Take it as you will.
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