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Medical Doctor wants to study physics

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    Hello everyone

    I'm a Danish medical doctor. I've always had a deep interest in physics and studied it in my speartime along with my medical studies. This passion is now starting to dominate, and I speculate in ways of combining my medical knowledge with physics. But I don't want to be a specialist in nuclear medicine - I want to study more physics.

    My question is:

    Does anyone know any International University where it would be possible for an M.D. to take first an up-grading physics course (a quick bachelors degree, so to speak), and next a master. It seems exhausting + irrelevant to have to start studies all over. As a medical doctor I already studied some biophysics, and from my speartime studied physics. For instance I am now studying electrodynamics and am feeling fairly confident about it.
    Kind regards

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    Probably the best you can get would be to see if you could get into an M.Sc. program based on your previous undergrad studies under the agreement that you do some upgrading. The thing is though most reputable departments will only look at the formal courses you've taken and you won't get any credit for self-study.
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