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ELIZA is an early natural language processing computer program created from 1964 to 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum. Created to demonstrate the superficiality of communication between humans and machines, Eliza simulated conversation by using a "pattern matching" and substitution methodology that gave users an illusion of understanding on the part of the program, but had no built in framework for contextualizing events. Directives on how to interact were provided by "scripts", written originally in MAD-Slip, which allowed ELIZA to process user inputs and engage in discourse following the rules and directions of the script. The most famous script, DOCTOR, simulated a Rogerian psychotherapist (in particular, Carl Rogers, who was well-known for simply parroting back at patients what they had just said),
and used rules, dictated in the script, to respond with non-directional questions to user inputs. As such, ELIZA was one of the first chatterbots and one of the first programs capable of attempting the Turing test.
ELIZA's creator, Weizenbaum, regarded the program as a method to show the superficiality of communication between man and machine, but was surprised by the number of individuals who attributed human-like feelings to the computer program, including Weizenbaum’s secretary. Many academics believed that the program would be able to positively influence the lives of many people, particularly those suffering from psychological issues, and that it could aid doctors working on such patients' treatment. While ELIZA was capable of engaging in discourse, ELIZA could not converse with true understanding. However, many early users were convinced of ELIZA’s intelligence and understanding, despite Weizenbaum’s insistence to the contrary.

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  1. Y

    Programs What Is a Doctor of Engineering Degree and How Does It Work?

    I've recently learned that "Doctor of Engineering" degrees were a thing. It's seems to be a collaboration between the school and the company they work for. Does anyone here have one? Are these programs meant to be completed while continuing to work in industry full time? I couldn't find this...
  2. bhobba

    COVID Make Sure You Check With Your Doctor To See If You Need A Third Jab

    Australia has started giving 3rd jabs to those whose second dose was six months or over. For people immunocompromised, it is two months. I take immunosuppressive medication so checked if the amount I took was enough for the third dose. I take two such medications - Methodrexate and...
  3. bhobba

    Our Friend, Professor Borody, the Poo and Ulcer Doctor is at it Again

    Check this one out (precis mine): 'Nasal and throat swabs could be missing cases of COVID with new evidence some infections occur in the gut and poo testing may also be needed. Professor Borody has published a new study which shows some patients who tested negative for COVID on a nasal swab...
  4. Evo

    Federal Doctor Says He Was Removed For Resisting Unproven Coronavirus

    This thread meets the GD guidelines for discussing medical policy where politics are concerned, I know, I made that policy. How can we expect to find cures/vaccines when the doctors capable of doing it are removed...
  5. jedishrfu

    Medical Doctor Investigates Childhood Leukemia Causes

  6. M

    MHB How will the doctor decide to operate on Mr. Peter?

    Hey! :o We assume that for a particular illness, a doctor recommends a dangerous surgery if, after a clinical examination and by laboratory tests, he is 80% sure that his patient suffers from it, or, in other case, he recommends further costly examinations. Laboratory tests make a good...
  7. xkarinax

    Biology High School Biology Difficulties and my Future Career Plans as a Doctor

    Hello. I plan on being a doctor when I finish high school, but I’ve had some trouble with science. My grades aren’t bad or anything but right now, I find biology dull and boring. We’re learning about cells, mitosis, and similar stuff and I just can’t get into it. Does this mean life sciences...
  8. F

    Where Does Doctor Strange's Power Come From?

    How many have watched the marvel movie Doctor Strange here? Can you consider the shifting buildings as what happens when the branches in Many Worlds occur or perceivable by the movie sorcerers? It explains the powers of Doctor Strange is tapped from Many Worlds.
  9. A

    Medical Should this person go to the doctor?

    I am not asking for a diagnosis . i am only asking weather the behavior of my brother is normal or if he should go check . in brief , he alternates ... he is a medical student , one week he is happy about it and he thinks it's not that hard , and the next week he hates it and he thinks it's...
  10. nsaspook

    Marvel's Doctor Strange: Read the Comic & See It On the Big Screen

    I read and loved the comic as a kid. Can't wait for this one on the big screen. The only thing better would be to get my Dr. Strange comic collection back that my mom tossed while I was in the Navy.:H:cry:
  11. Anithadhruvbud

    Job Skills What are alternative paths to becoming a doctor if math is not my strong suit?

    The thing is I want to be informed about how challenging it is going to be to apply for an elite medical college in London or maybe in US.I think I can stand the challenge.I am still in my high school.I am supposed to take my SATs.What puts me in a depressed state is that I am quite weak in math...
  12. Zephyr007

    Becoming a Doctor: What Course & Prep Do I Need?

    One of my favorite dreams is to be a doctor but I don't know where to start. I love studying the human body and do experiments to my own body (but not to the point where my experiments hurt). What course do I need to take and how do I prepare for it?
  13. L

    Help with questions on becoming a surgeon?

    Im almost 16 and in 10th grade and I am very interested in biology/human anatomy. But when i was in 9th grade i was homeschooled and it wasnt for me and i ended up procrastinating to the point were i was kicked out in the middle of the second semester (but you need to finish the whole semester...
  14. A

    Other Becoming a Doctor: My Aim as a High School Sophomore

    I'm currently sophomore in high school and I came in USA last year of course everything is challenging for me but I want to be a doctor it's my aim. I'm going to take honor algebra 2, h-physics, h-pre calc , h-English 11, US history 2 and Spanish 1, verbal sat in my junior year and I also got...
  15. Clever boy

    Can basic quantum physics explain the TARDIS from doctor who

    Can basic quantum physics explain all of the traits of the tardis other than the consciousness and living metal?
  16. B

    Programs Preparing for Med School: A Freshman's Guide

    Hey yall. I am currently majoring in Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I have plans to go to med school after I graduate and I am currently a freshman. As far as now, what can I start doing early to get myself prepared for the mcat test and other things I need to do prior to...
  17. A

    Medical Telling the Doctor you Smoke Weed

    If you tell your doctor that you smoke weed or other drugs, will he tell the police? What charges can you face? I tried to do some research, but I could not find a reliable source. If you are a specialist on this subject, please state so and indicate where you live.
  18. T

    Has Doctor Who Jumped the Shark?

    I've been a big fan of Doctor Who but not particularly the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. It seems to me Doctor Who may have jumped the shark when he rebooted the universe. It seems they have over emphasized some aspects of the traditional Doctor Who to grotesque proportions.
  19. tiny-tim

    What Were the First Four Episodes of Doctor Who?

    to mark the 50th anniverary of doctor who, the first 4 episodes are being re-broadcast on bb4 tv (uk) tomorrow (that's one episode in the school, and 3 episodes with the cavemen) soon available on iplayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00jxl63/episodes/guide
  20. A

    Doctor Ethics: Saving a Life Without Consent

    A person needs to undergo surgery. Someone shot him. He will die in three hours. No one knows him. He has no family. He comes to the hospital and his mental situation is bad. He seems to be crazy and says irrational things. He can't think or make decisions for himself. You are a medical doctor...
  21. F

    I want to be a physicist but my parents want me to be a doctor.

    I am really interested in physics and mathematics and I want to continue in that way. I want to be a physicist but my parents want me to a doctor or programmer or something like that(to make a lot of money). I am only 15 years old and I have already mastered calculus. I am one of the best...
  22. D

    Physics I am a Doctor, Can I be a theoretical Physicist?

    I graduated from Medical school. Then wanted to pursue my career in research. I chose Immunology and I was doing PhD. But my skills were not good and I was fired during my studies. My supervisor said that I am smart and clever but I don't have skills. I always wanted to be a scientist and I...
  23. U

    Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Question

    Hello. I'm building an application in which I'm dynamically generating the Sonic Screwdriver sounds, and not interested in using pre recorded sounds on a loop. With this, I'm trying to figure out the mathematical function used to generate the frequencies. I'm no math pro, but I figure...
  24. S

    MHB Doctor, Doctor Jokes: Tom Jones Syndrome

    "Doctor, doctor! .People always ignore me!" "Next!" "Doctor, doctor! I have this compulsion to sing Delilah." "You have Tom Jones syndrome." "Is that a rare disease?" "It's not unusual."
  25. J

    Doctor Who Series Premieres Tonight | BBC America 9pm ET

    The next series of Doctor Who airs today. Comes on BBC America 9pm Eastern time. Who's watching?
  26. C

    Schools What courses in high school should i take to become a doctor?

    I am in grade 9 right now and I am starting to think about my doctor career. Of course i am planning on talking to my counselor about it, but what courses should i concentrate on? What marks do usually colledges and medical schools require? Are my marks in high school THAT important? I have 93%...
  27. G

    Physics Be A Doctor & Still Do Physics?

    Becoming a medical doctor is something I’ve always wanted to do because I feel like it is a rewarding career, and I really enjoy learning about biology/medicine and helping others. Physics and space are also things I love learning about, and becoming a theoretical or astrophysicist is something...
  28. F

    What is the optimal solution for the Traveling Doctor Problem?

    his problem is related in some ways to a TSP, or a Quota-TSP, but has a lot more information that must be taken into account: There are a number of clinics, all run by the same organisation, employing a number of doctors, who are free to work at any of the clinics. Each clinic is open 6 days...
  29. S

    Professors vs Doctors: Questions Answered

    Some of my lecturers are Doctors and some are Professors - so one lecturer might be called Dr. Jack Johnson and another might be Prof. John Jackson ... I have a few questions related to this: What must someone do to earn title of Professor? Is Professor better than Doctor? Do Professors...
  30. F

    What is the route to becoming a doctor or a physician in US/Canada?

    No I am not becoming a doctor, I am just curious. Whati s the route because at a physics curriculum talk, the prof talked about having a BS in Physics helps the "MCAT" I thought you have to have a degree in Biochemistry to apply to med school (is it like 4 years and then another 2yrs as an...
  31. R

    The Doctor B Diet: Evaluating Claims & Results

    Hey guys, I came across this weight loss website http://www.drbdiet.com/ I've had a read of the website and he sounds a lot less "out there" than most of the people in this field and doesn't go into all the usual holistic mumbo jumbo. However, he does make claims like "after years of...
  32. hagopbul

    Doctor yesterday ask him to do a test about cancer

    Hello every one. My friend doctor yesterday ask him to do a test about cancer . after he diagnose an fungal problem on his body . why ? The fungal return after 1st time he infected with it. I am worried what relation there between fungal and Cancer . What type of Cancer should he expect …?
  33. J

    Progencell Stem Cell Therapy Aides Doctor Diagnosed with Parkinsons

    When Dr. José Luis Salgado Ruiz was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease nearly six years ago, he thought his career and his future were over. Parkinson's Disease, also known as PD, is a neurodegenerative condition that affects the central nervous system. The condition causes tremors, slowed...
  34. S

    I am a doctor of medicinei want to learn calculus for the fun of

    i am a doctor of medicine . i want to learn calculus for the fun of it. it eluded me while in school 20 yrs ago. i want to know from where and how.
  35. I

    News Should religious beliefs determine military duties?

    I am a bit baffled by this, but there is a doctor in the US Army who refuses to complete his duties without "proof" that Barak Obama was born in the USA. This man is a colonel. Isn't this madness? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20002577-503544.html Can anyone explain this to me? Is...
  36. R

    Becoming a Doctor: 19YO Starting College in Spring

    not sure what kind yet, but I'm starting college in the spring, and I'm only nineteen. i'm most interested in neurology, and infectious diseases, any words or advice or some such?
  37. H

    Pros and Cons of Being a Doctor vs Physicist

    I have the right A-Levels at the right grades: Physics A Biology A Chemistry A And I do not know whether to pursue the career of a medical doctor or a physicist. Can someone give me the pros and cons of each.
  38. M

    News What's the Latest on the Controversial Killing of Abortion Doctor George Tiller?

    http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-tiller1-2009jun01,0,7068875.story Here we go again. Another massive debate on abortion looming. Another reason why religion can make good people do crazy things.
  39. S

    Medical Doctor wants to study physics

    Hello everyone I'm a Danish medical doctor. I've always had a deep interest in physics and studied it in my speartime along with my medical studies. This passion is now starting to dominate, and I speculate in ways of combining my medical knowledge with physics. But I don't want to be a...
  40. wolram

    Brain Doctor Appointment at Big City Hospital Tomorrow

    I have my appointment at the big city hospital tomorrow, first they are going to look see if i have a brain. If i have they are going to try to make it go wrong, i doubt that they can make a few AND and OR gates go wrong some how, but i guess you have to let them play.
  41. W

    Medical Should I go see a doctor? Explanation inside.

    My left hand shakes whenever I'm holding something with it. It's not just small movements, it really is shaking abnormally. I don't know how long I've had this, I noticed it yesterday while holding my umbrella. Could this be temporary? I don't know if it's worth going to see the doctor over it.
  42. wolram

    Medical Trying to explain to the doctor

    Okay this may sound strange but i am trying to self diagnose my (black outs), 1, have you ever felt that traveling a familiar stretch of road some thing seems wrong, the travel time seems to long? 2, Or some thing that is familiar seems wrong, like who are these people, why am i here. 3...
  43. G

    Should I become a doctor or pursue medical research as a post-graduate?

    Hi! I am post-graduate 12th grade (dont know if that makes me college competent by american/english standards or what...) and currently not studying in any institution. (Reading a lot of science at home though :smile:) I am wondering whether i should get into som medical research-education of...
  44. S

    Is getting stabbed by an IC pin a cause for concern?

    just stabbed myself with an IC pin. lead poisoning?
  45. A

    Is Studying Medicine and Physics a Good Combination?

    Hello all, I'm hoping that I can get some honest answers here. I'm a premed student at RCSI-MUB. Although I'm going to study medicine, I'm fond of physics specially theoretical physics. In addition, my high school grades in physics were very high. I want to ask you here, what are your opinions...
  46. X

    Do I have the marks to become a doctor?

    I'm hoping that I can get some honest answers here. I'll start off by saying that I wanted to be a doctor since I was very small, and that it is like a dream job for me. I have a passion for biology and health. But the only thing standing in my way is grades. I am not a bad student but I'm not a...
  47. B

    Becoming a Sports Med Doctor - Advice for High Schoolers

    i want to be a sports med doctor (its a specialist). i was told to probably major in kinesology(thats not spelt right). ok so I am a junior in high school taking ap and a couple ib classes but I am not really sure what classes to take next year and in college. i have been searching the internet...
  48. D

    Better qualified than your doctor?

    I recently heard a statistic that in the UK 5% of people hold higher academic qualifications than their doctor (a similar statistic probably holds in the US). This made me think. How exactly do people decide which qualifications rank higher than others? It seems obvious that a PhD for example is...
  49. S

    How Do You Become a Doctor or Surgeon in Canada?

    Can someone tell me how to become a doctor or surgeon in Canada. first u have to get into university and then u take courses then u apply for medical school.