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I Medical Physics Question about the formula D(x)=alfa*mu*I(x)/rho

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    Hello I had two doubts, I know that medical physicist when working with x-rays use the formula D(x)=alfa*mu*I(x)/rho
    where D(x) is the dosis absorbed
    Alfa is the factor of the energy that damages
    Rho is the density
    mu is the absorbtion coefficient
    My doubt is the following: Does this formula work for all interactions? (compton, fotoelectric efect, pair production and coherent scattering)
    Another doubt, does photodisintegration occurs when working with x rays?
    where can I find information on the topic? Thanks a lot
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    Thanks for your answer, still don't fully comprehend
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    I believe they used a human body cut into 1cm cubes to get original X-ray density data.

    could be a myth.
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