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Memristor is really fourth circuit element or not?

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    Hello friends and genius,
    I have heard about the missing circuit element which is called memristor. I want to know is it real or the whole world accept that creation of memristor as a fourth circuit element? I was confused about that because in my opinion, memristor is a branch of resistor. If it is a real circuit element, how about Light dependend resistor (LDR), Thyristor, Thermistor and it should have it's own name such as resistor, inductor or capacitor. please give me some advice about memristor :biggrin:
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    Memristors are real.
    Calling it "fourth circuit element" is a bit arbitrary. It is easy to invent things like a "memductor" (inductance depends on charge flown).
    Light- and temperature-dependent things have non-electronic interactions with the environment and many other parts are not linear.
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    Thank you very much mfb, I got your point
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