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Mercury intrusion porosimetry equipment

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    I have used the Mercury intrusion porosimetry equipment to determine pore diameter range of porous ceramic material. But it only determined the micro and meso porosity. I also read that this tecnique is not adequate to determine macroporosity. Do you know Why?

    This equipment also determined pore number fraction. Can you tell me what is this?

    How do I calculate the total porosity with knowing the apparent density given by the porosimetry equipment and the real density given by the helium picnometer?

    Thank you
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    pressure range is probably insufficient to cover macropores (I assume you use the standard macro = >0.05um?).
    The problem is that at some point the Hg just kinda flows into the pores without resistance. Then, the measurement becomes unreliable. the max. pore size it gives as an output is 130um. Practically,that size can not be measured. I trust it to 60um or so, above that, the measurement intrusion becomes noise over the entire range.

    Go here for some more explanations:
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    PS: Here's exactly what you need:
    http://www.micromeritics.com/Repository/Files/A_Few_Facts_Pertaining_to_the_Low_Pressure_Performance.pdf [Broken]
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    Hello MSl, was this of use to you?
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