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Messages from the Future?

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    Once on the discovery channel, I saw a special on Time Travel & Time Machine. They showed various types of designs, some ridiculous & some interesting..One that caught my attention was a "spiral" glowing machine..It was spiral shaped containing lasers (as far as I can remember)..Cant remember the name of the scientist, but he was a black american..

    He claimed that once active, the machine would make it possible for future generations to send back messages back in time, but only the time since it was made active (the machine) .

    Now my question is :

    Can it be possible that our grandsons & great grandsons may be sending us messages through some time machine or actually coming back in time?
    I know the ques sounds a bit impractical, but everything is possible in science..Remember, prior to the Apollo episode, people used to laugh on scientists talking of moon missions!
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    Everything is NOT possible. Science is not all powerful.

    Nowadays, time travel is only sci-fi due to relativistic effects. Every thing that you do, changes the future, so... How is the correct way to get to the future? Or even to the past? Is not easy to answer that questions.
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    Unless the possiblities of wormholes I believe according to GR it would require something to go PAST c to go back in time... which is not possible. However if you think about it we are only seeing things of the past... Since it takes light a certain time to reach you everone is living in the past... and since there are small but predicted differences of everyones place in time since they all move at different velocities you could say that you are seeing the future of somes and others past and that you will never meet someone who is in the exact same time that you are. And because of this idea wouldn't it be possible to have two people hypothetically speaking in the same time and space of the universe at once if people were all moving much faster as we commonly moved at different paces of c?
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    John Baez has a very good explanation here
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