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Metaphysics and its application in philosophy

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    I'm not sure if this is the right area to ask about this, so feel free to move the topic if it's not. I'm interested in learning a little more about metaphysics and its application in philosophy. Where should I start reading. I'm trying to stay away from Aristotle and get a little more of a general overview before I get into reading original texts. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    Re: Metaphysics

    One of the noticeable ones involve the observer in Quantum Mechanics. You might want to read into that (you could find it under anything relating Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness). There are a number of other areas that are different here and there, but most of them seem to converge to a general situation, which is more explicitly covered in this topic...though you might want to be careful in distinguishing metaphysical reasoning from physical reasoning before making heavy connections.
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    Re: Metaphysics

    Thank you both. I have a book on quantum mechanics I just never got around to reading, so I'll definitely check that out. And I just skimmed through the link, looks like it has exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again!
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