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Microspectrophotometers -- manufacturing process

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    Can someone please help me with finding a full explanation on the production (manufacture) process of microspectrophotometers?

    I need to do a presentation on microspectrophotometers and I have a problem with finding this information.

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    the question has to be asked ....

    Why are you doing a presentation on something you know nothing about ??
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    You can start here:
    http://www.microspectra.com/support/service-contracts/microspectrophotometer-design [Broken]

    And look at images for "microspectrophotometer design"

    I doubt you will find much on the actual manufacturing process, that is, how the pieces are put together and the system is validated.
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    I know a bit about it.. but that's the idea, to learn about some device you don't know and do a presentation on it.

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    I know this website and I used it, but I also need more info about the manufacturing process.. hopefully I will find some info about it.
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    Are you familiar with manufacturing processes in general? Are there specific areas of the manufacturing that you are curious about?
    Most of them have nothing to do with the operating characteristics or principles of the device being built. And, they have little to do with the actual technical or operational nature of the sub-systems, sub-system testing, systems, system testing, components, system integration, assembly, quality control, inspection, etc etc etc.
    So, I'm kind of curious about what sort of things you want to learn from understanding the manufacturing process of this particular device?
    Ask a few specific "manufacturing process " questions.
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    I am familiar with manufactoring processes in general, I've studied 2 courses about this subject.
    I need to explain about the device and part of it suppose to be about it's manufactoring process.
    You can see the idea in the picture (step by step of how to create the device).
    All the etching, masks etc.. that's what I need. To explain how to create this in a lab, not how it works (I've also explained this in the presentation, now I need to add the manufactoring process).


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    I'm not going to be able to provide any insight into the manufacture that particular instrument or any of its subsystems.
    But, you are talking chip (masks, etch, etc) and asking about a complex system containing many assemblies.
    Or, are you just asking about the sensor?
    I can only suggest you take one of the many system block diagrams that are available and talk about each of its subsystems. But it seems like a huge task to break down the manufacturing of all those assemblies.
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